I am experienced in working with a wide range of issues and welcome all enquiries. However I do have a few areas of particular interest:
I am especially keen to work with issues of identity and how you relate to the world and people around you.  I have worked for an LGBTQ service and value the opportunity to support those who may want to work through issues relating to their sexuality or gender. I have found that when dealing with issues of gender or sexuality it is vital to think in a systemic way, i.e. seeing you in the context of the world around you and understanding the impact society, culture and family have on your identity.
I am a trained youthworker with 17 years experience working with young people aged between 11 and 25.  I have also worked for a young persons' counselling service.  I have found that young people benefit from a slightly different approach, so I would often seek to work in a more informal, relaxed way and make use of more creative and art-based tools. If you are a parent looking for a counsellor for your child and would like to find out more about me, then please give me a call. I sometimes find it useful if both the young person and parent come to the first session, but only with the young person’s consent.
Having struggled for many years to get to a healthier weight, making use of a wide variety of tools and methods along the way (some more successful than others!), I believe my learning and experience would be useful in supporting others who want to lose weight, or are struggling with an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia or binge-eating disorder. Counselling would also be of benefit to those who may be at a healthy weight but would like to have a better relationship with food.

I think that counselling can give you a deeper understanding of the reasons behind your struggle and enable you to make positive changes.  I am aware of how dissatisfaction with your weight and/or your body image can really impact on your self-esteem, I will offer a compassionate and non-judgemental space for you and work with you to improve your self-esteem. Unfortunately I do not think that there is a silver bullet for weight loss, instead it requires a multi-faceted approach. Exercise, knowledge about food and the context we are in are just as important as our emotional attachment to food.