I work in an Integrative, person-centred way. This means that I will take my lead from you and together we will decide on the most beneficial way forward. I will make use of a range of approaches in a way which works best for you, the main approaches I use in addition to the Person-Centred model are:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: This can be helpful when trying to change unhealthy thought patterns or behaviours like over- or under-eating, irrational fears, obsessive behaviour or panic attacks.

Transactional Analysis: This offers us a useful prism to understand how we relate to others, identify patterns in behaviour and recognise the roles that we and others play in relationships. It can also help us gain greater insight in to our internal processes.

Creative writing: I see writing as a very valuable part of the therapeutic process for some people; it is not about working towards an ‘end product’ but about being able to use the process of writing therapeutically. As with all other techniques I may use, it is at your pace and I will suggest ideas tentatively – you have the ultimate veto!

Attachment theory: I think that our early experiences are very formative, understanding how they may have impacted us can have a positive effect in the present.

I am also a qualified youthworker and have worked with young people as a counsellor, I have found that being flexible and adapting my approach to each client I meet is even more relevant when working with young people.

I am passionate about providing mums/dads and carers with babies the opportunity to access counselling, so I now offer Walking Therapy sesssion in a gorgeous park setting. Baby (or babies) are very welcome to come along and will hopefully be soothed by the gently walk either in a buggy or sling, while we get on with the counselling work. You might want to explore issues around pregnancy, birth, processing the massive changes that accompany new babies, or you may just want some space to think and breathe in the midst of the crying, sleeplessness and endless nappies.

I offer an introductory session where I would start to find out more about you, what it is that has prompted you to seek counselling and what you do or don’t expect from it. You may have some anxieties about counselling which would be helpful to address. You will also get to know me a bit and how I work, this will help us both to decide if we think we will work well together. There is no obligation to continue after the first session.

If we do continue, the next step would be for us to decide on how many sessions you would want to start with. I am experienced in both short- and longer-term therapy. You may want to start with 6 sessions (this would generally be the minimum for counselling to be effective) and extend this after a review, or end there if you feel you have achieved what you wanted to. However if you think that you would prefer to work over a longer period of time we can agree to meet on an open-ended basis.  Whatever you go for, we will have regular reviews so we can check-in on the direction of our work and to help us work towards a planned, positive ending.
I trained at the University of Bristol and have a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling. I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and adhere to their Code of Ethics. For further information on the Ethical Framework or the services BACP offer please visit their site here.

I have full Professional Indemnity Insurance.